At The Eurich Group, we are businesspeople first and psychologists second—we help you create dramatic and tangible results.

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Bankable Leaders

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Effective Teams

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We Drive Successful
Organizational Change

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“I am thrilled with the results that Tasha has produced for my executive team. Tasha designed a retreat that supercharged both our relationships and results. She took the time to understand our business challenges and created a session to specifically address what our team needed to do to overcome them. She also designed what was for me personally, one of the best feedback opportunities I've had in my career. Just one year later, our revenue has increased by 20%.”


CEO, Two Roads Hospitality

Building Bankable Leaders

The Eurich Group helps companies develop effective, bankable leaders that produce results for the business and create engaged and happy teams. We do this primarily through robust leadership development programs and results-based executive coaching.

To maximize our clients' ROI, we design our solutions around the needs of each leadership level. We find that executives benefit most from individualized development, whereas development at other levels (frontline leaders, mid-level leaders, high-potential early career leaders) allows for greater economies of scale.

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“Tasha’s engaging and science-based program has created new energy around improving leadership skills—and has driven a tangible improvement in productivity, employee engagement, and collaboration in our business unit. I would highly recommend her Bankable Leadership Program.”


VP Gas Engineering and Operations, Xcel Energy

Creating Effective Teams

The Eurich Group builds awesome teams using a no-nonsense, practical approach—we've helped dozens of teams supercharge both their relationships and business results. Rest assured, we aren't about "hug and cry" activities like trust falls or ropes courses. Although these things can be fun, they don't do a whole lot to impact your business. All of our programs are designed to deliver immediate and powerful results.

New Team Acceleration

For new teams that need to produce results quickly.

Executive Team Acceleration

For existing teams (or teams with new leaders) that need to dramatically improve their performance and relationships.

Team Conflict Resolution

For teams where trust and collaboration are in short supply, conspiracy theories prevail, and it's hurting your business.

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“Tasha has done excellent work for our team. She was tasked with bringing together a group of 13 professionals and thrusting them into joint goal setting and decision making. Within two weeks, she got everyone rowing in the same direction. Her ideas have been embraced by the team and provide on-going inspiration as we work toward our new goals. I would highly recommend Tasha's services for any group that wants to function at a higher level–and have fun doing it!”


EVP, CoBiz Financial

Driving Successful
Organizational Change

The law of business is to change or disappear. To succeed in an ever-changing world, smart executives focus on the four building blocks of organizational success: business strategy, leadership, culture, and systems—and take an active role in driving them. The Eurich Group helps organizations articulate their strategy, build their leadership bench strength, manage the people side of MBAs and culture change, and drive employee performance.

Leadership Strategy and Succession Planning

Ensure you have leaders with the right skills in the right place at the right time to advance your business. Helpful if you lack bench strength or want to more proactively grow your company through your people.

Strategic Planning

Ensure you have a strategy to compete. Helpful if you need to hone your vision or direction, analyze your company/industry, or identify your business drivers.

M&A People Integration

Ensure you successfully integrate new groups brought together by mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring. Helpful if goals, cultures, or processes are different, or if those who are affected are showing signs of resistance.

Organizational Development

Ensure your people are positioned for maximum organizational performance while adapting to a changing business environment. Helpful if success requires a change in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, structures, reward systems, or strategy.

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“Tasha has been instrumental for us to understand our own internal, organizational issues. She navigated us towards a better structure and we are a better organization thanks to her.”


CEO, CPP Wind Engineering Consultants


1. Deep Expertise

With PhD-level expertise, we bring technical knowledge that few can match. But we’re not ivory tower academics—we’ve worked with organizations for more than 15 years, and have the results to prove it.

2. Client Partnership

Typically, when consultants descend upon clients and tell them what to do, they rarely provide practical answers. We believe that you have the best solutions to your problems—we use our expertise to help you unearth and refine them.

3. Business Centered Approach

Leadership, team, and organizational development can feel squishy, especially to highly technical professionals. We pair our rigorous, evidence-based frameworks with specific, behavioral approaches to development and change. Our clients often observe that we are businesspeople first and organizational psychologists second.

4. Organizational Buy-In

Change is difficult—especially with management edicts of “You must do this.” We work hard to get buy-in and remember that those closest to the customer usually know the most.

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“I can honestly say that there has been no person in the last ten years that has had the impact of Tasha Eurich. She has changed the face of leadership development and training in our organization. The value of her 'product' is beyond compare.”


VP of Human Resources, HCA

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